Is there any problem for customer contact?

Discussion started by MosiBondor

Is there any problem for customer contact I sent a request 5 times! In last 3 days but unfortunately didn’t answer my requests is there any problem for this issue?


Posted about 1 year ago

If you mean CGT support I suspect Christmas is the problem.
If you mean contacting your customer, I had no problems sending and receiving messages in the past 3 days, so probably your customer is just not available.

MosiBondor wrote
Thanks for responding! I meanCGT support!
trimitek wrote
I see, so it got to be the holidays then.
Posted about 1 year ago

CGT support isn't available since last weekend. X-mas and NY vacations. Absolutely normal schedule for small company (but not very responsive for biggest 3d-marketplace in the world).

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