Is there a way to scan an assembled 3d model

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1. My source is a fully assembled 3d model (.fbx), with 100,000+ internal parts, but a fairly simple exterior. Like an ink-jet printer, but more complex inside.

2. My goal is to create a simple 3d mesh with a realistic surface texture.

3. I don't want any of the internal parts. Just the exterior.

With these goals in mind, I figured there would be a tool out there that could "scan" a model and export just the exterior topography/surface as a mesh, along with a "captured" texture.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it. I am self-taught, and I feel like I am missing something really basic here. Like, "oh yeah, just go to export, choose STL, and set your detail-level to surface-only..."

I would appreciate any guidance you could provide; terminology, tools, etc.



Posted 8 days ago

So, you want advice on how to copy and modify someone else's work and pass it off as your own, on a website where many artists make a living out of selling 3D work?

todd-28 wrote
I do not appreciate you accusing me of such a thing. I was provided a model from a client, asking me to make it web friendly. It's a CAD model with tons of details we don't need. I was hoping for some guidance on how to create a hollow low-poly mesh of it without having to process/delete all the internal parts/layers.
TazMan2000 wrote
I didn't accuse, I asked. Perhaps if you stated that in the beginning.... Try opening it in Blender and see if you can just select the components that you need.
Posted 8 days ago

I highly doubt that someone would waste their time for writing quite sophisticated tool for such a niche problem. I think the most realistic solution for your task would be occlusion selection, where you could select only parts that are visible from outside, meanwhile parts that are occluded would be not selected. Then it's simply a matter of inverting selection and deleting unwanted parts. Such tools exists in plenty and you should have no problem in finding and learning them.

todd-28 wrote
Apparently someone has. Just found this: anyways, I appreciate the constructive response. it helped me find this. cheers

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