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Guys is it possible to get verified by just using my student ID... Because that's the only ID card I have right now... I tried using it but it said that payout problem: use a valid card, passport, driver license etc..... So guys what should I do right now

Plus this is my second been rejected for reviewing so please help


Posted 4 months ago

I don't think student ID is a valid document for identification.
Not sure how you ended up without any valid ID, but I guess your options will be to wait until you get such a document or if for some weird reason you can't do that, forget about getting money.

roy-creations wrote
Oh shit... So can I jxt use someone's else details to get verified.. someone like my close relatives ??
trimitek wrote
I can't give you advice on that. I guess it may lead to some legal problems. This is a marketplace where people do business - it's not a game.
luxxeon wrote
Agree with trimitek on this. The reason a valid form of photo ID is required is due to the fact that money is changing hands here, and Federal laws regarding taxes are involved. Once you start selling models, you are essentially in business for yourself. So, consider getting a valid form of identification if you want to participate in selling online. Even if you don't drive, you can still get a non-driver's ID here in the US, and I assume the same is true overseas, in other areas of the world. Without knowing your age, you need to be at least 18 to open up a bank account, unless you open one up under someone else of legal age. So whatever you have to do is up to you, but it would certainly benefit you to have a valid form of ID handy if you want to start an online business. Student ID's are handy, but they are only considered a valid form of ID as a "supporting document" in situations where more than one form of identification is required. You'll always need another form of ID to go along with it when it comes to money exchanges.

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