I got 205 CG trader credits? Why?

Discussion started by yaschan

I am selling my 3D models in CGtrader.
I noticed that I have suddenly 205 CG trader credits.
Where did these come from? I have not purchased any models so far.


Posted about 3 years ago

If you were a recording artist, this would be called: signing bonus.

When you open an account you probably get this "side benefit". If you look at the top of the home page, you can find a number in light red. On weekdays it usually says 20, on weekends it is 220. You can use these credits to buy assets.

For details:

ieuanam wrote
How do i use them?
VagabondGamesStudio wrote
You can use them to buy models over 15 bucks and get a third off them I believe. so if you buy a model for 45 then you pay 30 and 15 comes out of the credits

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