I failed the PBR test and I was wandering why?

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It just says it doesn't meet the standard AleksandrL-CGT

2020-09-22 07:40 Ok why doesn't it meet your standards it is the right size, it is properly UV and it is built just like the example, I don't understand why it wasn't accepted it is literally perfect please answer me I do this 3 years now and I know what I am doing just saying the whole model need s to be rebuilt doesn't give me an answer why PLEASE EMAIL OR CONTACT ME I DON't get it


Posted about 1 month ago

Since you don't have any models in your portfolio, i can't judge your skills level, but if you failed test assignement, i suggest you to forget wildcat and go after some other things. Wildcat's quality requirements are very high and their payment is inadequately low. It's only worth to consider to work for them if you are able to effortlessly produce high quality content at a rapid pace and if you're living in an underdeveloped economy country, where living standards are low. Otherwise it's a waste of time.

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