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Hello! I wrote about it in support from the 21st. I wrote several times already
No one answered, my problem is simply ignored.
2 months ago there was the same error in the system.
The system did not transfer money to me on the 20th.
I had to write in support and a day later they solved my problem.
Now it’s the 25th day) And nobody answered me anything...

A few days ago I had 185 and ~ 68 $
The system put them together and at the moment I have $ 251.24
Those. I have more than 200, why the system does not automatically translate them to me?

I received $ 251 by the 21st of this month, so according to the rules of the site I should get $ 251 and not 180 or less...

When can I get my money and why no one corrects this error?


Posted about 1 year ago

The only way is to contact the support staff, I don't assume individuals might be able to help you.

starwalker wrote
I already did it. And support refused to help. They said that they make transfers last month. What I earned in June, I will receive in July. But the problem is that I did not get anything for May and June. And it turned out that I’ve been waiting for my money for 3 months ... "The ideal payment system" which is beneficial only to the site and not to users.

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