How to get paid for a completed project?

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Hello. recently decided to try freelance work. completed two projects. received one small payment. and there is no payment for the second. although the deadline has already passed. and I sent files to the customer a long time ago. and the customer was pleased with the work.

maybe I'm doing something wrong, somewhere I didn’t click something?


Posted 11 days ago

Have you submitted the files through the website or via other services ( some sort of cloud service) ?

kickonster wrote
all correspondence and file transfer was carried out here on this site in the project’s PM. for some reason I can’t attach screenshots.
Posted 11 days ago

3D-Store wrote
It says that the project was prepaid. Maybe it takes a few days for processing, i'm thinking that CGtrader has some kind of escrow system. Have you also tried to contact someone from CGtrader support?
Posted 11 days ago

I have not yet tried to contact support on this issue. I don’t know how to do it.

3D-Store wrote
3D-Store or maybe ( i've seen her commenting on some of the threads and it seems she's customer support also)
Posted 10 days ago

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

I can indeed advise you on this query.

For further information please, contact us here


CGTrader Support

Posted 7 days ago

payment received. thanks to all!

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