How long does model modification takes?

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask that how long does model modification takes? Yesterday I updated my model's thumbnail image which took approximately 4 hours to show the thumbnail publicly until than it was showing no image of my model which seems a bit strange. Now I updated another model's thumbnail few hours ago and still waiting. Kindly tell me if someone else is facing this issue or if someone knows the solution of this issue.

Thank you.


Posted 4 months ago

In talking with CGT Support staff, there is a problem with the code base used to display product images. The staff is working to re-write the code. If your need to display pictures is urgent, contact them directly - they will fix it as soon as possible for them. Otherwise, just plan to wait a bit. We WILL see an improvement, but it sometimes takes a few weeks to make a substantial rewrite of a major code section.

musaworks wrote
Ok, Thanks for letting me know about this ️ . Hopefully they will fix this issue soon.

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