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I fixed flipped uvs but ı'm still receiving this error. I don't know what ı have to do.


Posted about 2 months ago

If you are going to post something like this on a public forum at least give some context:
- Is this for Kodama?
- Is this for Wildcat?
- Is this for a client?
- is this for your friend who lives in your basement?

Be curtious to others who give their time to help you with your questions, you obviously have given absolutely 0 information as to what you want, what software you are using, who its for, what the intention is, some screenshots or videos to guide people who may offer some help. Please think twice before posting things like this. I dont want to sound like some ahole from stackoverflow but you do your best in describing your issue with images if you want some proper help!

Tardius42 wrote
if you dont want to help just dont write some useless things. This is not your responsibility! İts obvious and clear read again and think twice before judging me please. Don't waste your time with writing your comment.
3DCargo wrote
I am offering genuine help, be courteous thanks mate. I dont get paid to help, but Im glad to do so.
Forester wrote
Perfectly reasonable questions. I would have asked them myself, before trying to help. Among other question, what software are you using to model? And have you passed the model into Kodama or into Wildcat, and this is where you are receiving the error message? Or are you getting it earlier in your model-builder. In Maya, a flipped UV can be caused by coturminus faces, or faces that look like edges in the model. But the usual source in CD4 is different. 3DCargo is some 25 years a modeller, as are several of us. He was making a little joke, but not rude. Just asking appropriate questions.
Posted about 2 months ago

I had the same issue twice. I had to remesh the part which was causing this issue and that is when I found out that there was a useless face extruded from an edge along with a floating face, all of which that didn't need to be there. It was solved
Another time I had used only tris for a small model, I made all the tris to quads, and that surprisingly solved flipping and overlapping issues for me.

Tardius42 wrote
thank you for your help and attention ı will try ı hope it'll work.

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