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Is there any online service or application which is able to convert a *.max to *.obj or something else except 3ds Max?

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Posted 9 months ago

And the site Anyconverter has helped me a lot several times. Yes, it works for a long time and sometimes makes mistakes. But to convert SLDPRT and MAX in STL only worked here.

Posted over 1 year ago

the converter online

onlygamer426 wrote
That website is so poorly done lol I tried converting an OBJ to STL and it was stuck on converting for 4 hours then I decided to close out of it the same happens with MAX files too.
kayu543 wrote
fake converter? no i dont think soo.... i just converted free "Sailing Ship" model from other website and its actually work
CultZoneGamesAcademic wrote
cool to hear that... because we stand for hours to convert an simple item...
Posted over 1 year ago

yes there are online converters such as any converter and many more

Posted over 2 years ago

There was a Yobi3d converter which could do max files. Unfortunately it was taken down.

Posted over 4 years ago

Hello codewerk38. Blender can convert .3ds to .obj. There is probably an addon to import .max files as well.

Posted over 4 years ago

download a trial version of 3DS Max

Posted over 4 years ago


This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is that you need Autodesk 3DS Max respectively Autodesk Maya to do so. The reason is that the specifications for both formats are proprietary to Autodesk, and supposedly very tightly bound to the internal doings of their 3D applications: even given the specification, exporting meaningful geometry into other formats would basically mean re-implementing 3DS Max.

Eddie, CGTrader

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