blender or cinema4d? video editing purpose

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blender or cinema4d? video editing purpose

I need a program for creating videos with animations of 2D characters (not porn, lol). Does this mean that Cinema4d is more suitable for me? does it have the ability to communicate with the after effect?


Posted about 2 months ago

2d animation has improved dramatically in both creation and rendering with Blender. In fact, if you look at the creation of 2D animation in Blender since the release of 2.8x, you'll see just how powerful that software package has become, especially if you render with Eevee and use the grease pencil to create 2d looking 3d shapes. It can combine 3d camera motion and effects with 2d line drawing looks perhaps better than any other package I've seen. However, if the goal here is simply to have your 3d files interacting with After Effects, then C4D is far beyond any other package in terms of talking interactively with AE. You can open C4D files in AE, etc.

Blender, however, has so many features built-in, you may not need to send the final output to AE at all! Seriously, it can do so many 2d and 3d effects natively and interactively now that it completely cuts out most of the "round-tripping" that used to be necessary to achieve certain effects on 3d/2d animations. Now you may be able to achieve most of the effects that AE is useful for directly in Blender, and send the final output frames to Premiere for color correction and editing only. If you're ambitious enough, Blender can even do most of the color correction now inside the native compositor. So all you might need is Premiere for editing.

It's up to you and the type of workflow you prefer, but personally, I've started to use Blender for all my animation needs now, including beauty passes and post effects instead of AE. There are only a few cases where AE is still necessary for me.

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Thanks for the detailed answer.
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If you want actually create cartoon clips or movies you might also consider to try "Cartoon animator" in conjunction with "Photoshop Animation Pipeline" which enables you to export your projects also to "After effects" ( ).

It also creates animations for lip - synchronization from sound (recorded or from TTS) automatically which seems to be harder to accomplish in Cinema4d as in this tutorial shown:

I have used their easy to use 3D animation software ( very intuitive to use without having to learn "rocket science" before being able to start ) so far but watched tutorials about "Cartoon animator" which looks as easy.
Anyway you can download a trial version first. ;)

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For 2d animation Tv paint is one of the most popular softwares bit blender can be a good alternative :)

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Yes, I think a lot of the grease pencil 2d animation stuff in Blender now is based on some of the things that TV Paint was capable of for decades. I haven't used TV Paint or Mirage in many, many years but I apprenticed at a broadcast production company back in the late 90s, when I was still in high school, that used an early version of TVP on their Amiga based systems!

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