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I'm fairly new to C4D and have done some pretty cool things thus far, but I consider myself a beginner. So with that I have a technical question?

I recently purchased a seagull here on CG Trader to animate and the issue is that there aren't enough tutorials to help me with my problem which is? After importing the asset none of the bones are connected, Legs, wings etc...

I understand that you will have to bind things in order to bring life to an animation. The other question is does anyone know what the definition of a nub_bone is? or is that just what the creator of the asset uses to describe an action or something. Everything is a polygon object and nothing is grouped, I'm in need of a little help

Thank you so much



Posted about 2 months ago

Sorry, I don't have a valid answer but have you tried some of the C4D forums? Cgsociety and Core4d forums seem fairly active.

Posted 16 days ago

I finally figured it out, but thank you so much for responding. My animation is working for me.

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