Best plugins for Maya?

Discussion started by Rolik

Hi guys! 

Working on Maya these days, so thought about the most handy plugins on it - would be awesome to get your thoughts and opinions here, thanks :)


Posted about 7 years ago

The only real custom plugin I use is the Nightshade UV Editor - love it for doing UV editing!

Other than that, it's just display / color settings that I changed, but I'm not doing anything ultra fancy.

Posted about 5 years ago

I often use voronoi scripts for creating debris and other effects.

What are you looking to create?

Posted about 7 years ago

I'd like to know that as well :) For a bit different reason than using them, but would be very interesting to learn about the ones you like.

Posted about 7 years ago

Hey Maya lovers - any suggestions from your side? :)

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