Animated Snow in Cinema 4D

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I have scene with animated snow created in cinema 4D. So question is this possible to sell on CG trader. I don't now in which category to put this animated snow, I can see scene setup or animation category.

Here is more information about this snow:

This is a dynamic snow animation and render setup for Cinema 4D R12.
This snow animation is created using emitter, turbulence, random
effector and wind emitter. Just Put your background image, or 3D model
in scene and it is ready for render. It is easy to change snowing speed
and intensity, turbulence, wind direction and wind speed.

Product Include:

  • 4 version of snow animation setup. Light Calm Snowing, Heavy Calm
    Snowing, Heavy Turbulent Snowing, Heavy Snowing Right Side Wind. Each
    version comes in separate c4d file.

  • PDF Help

It will be cool if CG trader can accept those kind product


Posted about 7 years ago

Hi Tihomir, sure you can sell it. Scenes with different animation setups can be valuable to many designers. Just make sure to render each setup so customers can see how it looks. I'm not sure about the category, probably you can put it in Architectural Exterior > Landscape and write related tags.

Posted about 7 years ago

Thanks Marius!
I will try to put in this category

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