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Hey guys,

We're planning on improving our Jobs board in the near future. We want to make it better for both designers and sellers, and your thoughts, comments and critique on what could be done to improve the 3D Jobs is very appreciated. Let yourselves go!

Eddy, CGTrader


Posted almost 5 years ago

Good to hear this! Improvements on job boards are needed and very welcome.

Here's my list (maybe updated later):

1. ability to comunicate with buyer before job agreement.
2. ability to change settled price after job agreement if both sides agree to that.
3. ability to ask and to receive upfront payment if job is bigger.
4. cancel interdiction to put html links in messages. I think it's silly, one can relatively easy to overcome this restriction, so why it's needed in a first place?
5. make messages scrollable in conversation, like it was before. Current implementation is just inconvenient.
6. improve my jobs list sorting / managing as discussed in this topic:

That's it for now. Hopefully other designers will chime in too.

Posted almost 5 years ago

How to view sales statistics?

Posted almost 5 years ago

7. Add notifications about job activity. Currently the only way to know that something new has been posted by client in workplace, is mail message. I think it's not enough, my mail client often fails to inform me that there's new mail. Icon dedicated to job activity notifications in the top row of CGTrader page, would be much welcome.

Posted over 4 years ago

8. Messages written in jobs workplace, doesn't keep its formatting. Everything you write, turns out into one big paragraph once posted. Needs to be fixed.

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