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Would be not bad if CGT allowed next:

1. Possibility to delete models without request to support (for US, who participated to useless and foggy CGT "Analytics").

2. Possibility to manage models on our profile pages: users home page is the STOREFRONT and we want to sort models on this "facade" according to OUR taste and selling tasks, not automatically by the "brain" of stupid script.

3. Tools for managing or at least to influence on "Similar models" list on or models pages.

And please, CGT employees, don't comment it with standard bullshit like "Thanks... please send message to support@cgtrade.com". Because it's public demand and we want to see your opinion publicly.


Posted about 1 month ago

Hi there,

Thank you for raising your concerns. While we are happy to receive feedback and suggestions from our users and we are always considering them and doing our best to improve the platform and user’s experience, please understand that some of the suggestions are technically difficult or time consuming to implement, or there might be other reasons (such as legal, financial or technical) in the background, which do not allow a quick change.

Analytics is a useful tool, which can help to get insight on your models and provides many benefits. The functionality of the tool for the user is based on the participation and the published models, therefore deletion of models is limited. If you would like to delete the models or do not wish to participate in Analytics anymore, please contact our Support and we will do our best to help you out.

As for the model management suggestions, we will forward your feedback to our technical team. We understand your point of view and that you would prefer to have more options and ability to control your profile, but please have in mind that we have to ensure the stability and functionality of the website as a top priority and therefore not all suggestions or improvements from the user perspective might be doable or beneficial in the end of the day for the website and the platform in general.

Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback, we appreciate it.

Austeja from CGTrader

skapricorn wrote
Maybe analytics is useful for some popular niches (not for printable models). But the fact that access to analytics automatically declines deletion of existing models is... irrational (saying politely). Looks like "Entrance is free, but exit is for $$". I think your support team has more serious tasks and job than do things that users supposed to do on their own. :) And thanks for extended reply!

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