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Hi, Greetings everyone! I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful community. I am a new member and have uploaded my first work. Everything is fine but a very important thing about CGTrader gets my attention.
Selling products is not only depending on the seller and their description but also the site itself need to concern a lot. The searching criteria of "best match" seems to be the "most viewed first". I think if "best match" could be the "newest first" that would help new sellers a lot. What do you think folks? 


Posted over 7 years ago

Hey man. Happy to have you on board. :) "Best match" includes these criterias: most views, likes, comments and our internal rating. This helps buyers to find best content based on the keyword they are searching. We still offer buyers to sort models based on publishing date, and so on, so they can see newest things too, but by default we show Best match at first, just to make customers happy about first search results which usually are high quality and well promoted. Happy customers will get back here more and more if they find everything they look for, so you see where I'm heading. :)

I suggest you to grow your models library here on CGTrader, promote your products on external channels and then get great visibility here. :) Also free models attracts interested people, so if you have several free models and bunch of great paid models your chances to sell keeps growing.

I can assure you that SEO is our top priority.

Let me know if you have any concerns. Cheers!

fhp wrote
Hi, Alex. Thanks for your feedback. I will take some strategy based on this. :)

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