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I think sorting and showing models on CGT is realized not as good. Explanation: when I'm going to "Jewelry" category there are shown not only models from this category but also others (e.g. figurines, fashion items, houseware etc.) if designer placed word "jewelry" as the tag in model description. Designer may just click on tag that CGT's script suggested him not looking at those tags ("click-click-click...."). Sometimes it's very confusing. I think there mus be difference when user/customer searches models using CGT search engine by keywords and when somebody is looking at models using categories. (Sorry for my bad English, I hope you uderstand what I want to say). I think it's not a "feature" but looks more like bug.

Would be good if CGT fixed this inconvenience.


Posted almost 2 years ago

Yes there are many "spam" tags and some sellers are giving irelevant tags to "occupy" as many search results (categories) as possible.
And CGT should remove number of tags from publishing score, it is total non-sense and it only encourages this bad behaviour of some sellers.

skapricorn wrote
Sometimes it's not bad behaviour but just result of rush. And yes, this rush is in part caused by stupid marketing "carrot" called "publishing score".
Posted almost 2 years ago

The problem is that there's no such thing as category on CGT. When you publish a model and select category for it, all the system is doing, it's just assigning appropriate keyword. Overall, the search engine is the weakest part of the marketplace. I'm trying to tell them this for years, yet nothing ever changes.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Unfortunately, it is impossible to create ideal search engine: keywords, category, description - all of this may give "wrong result" for you ))) Not always, but sometimes...

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