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I noticed that there's quite a few users who doesn't sell single product, but instead have uploaded tons of free models, often blatantly "borrowed" from illegal sites. Such users mostly doesn't login at cgtrader anymore. I have one suggestion how to clean up CGT from legacy of these robin hoods. You just have to make so that free models would have expiration date. Lets say 6-12 months after upload, free model automatically gets suspended and user should take action to reactivate it or else after brief period model would be removed from database completely. It shouldn't be hard for sellers who keeps only few free models for promo / evaluation purposes to reactivate these models once in a while, and hopefully that would clean market from free junk that does nothing but hurts small sellers. What do you think?


Posted about 4 years ago

If you know people are giving away models that arent theirs then you should be calling them out for it and notifying CGT admin so they can handle it.

I do like the idea of expiration dates on free models though and the artist having to reactive the free downloads option after a certain time, will keep the market free models market competitive and rotating with fresh new content.

LemonadeCG wrote
One thing is to know about stolen or suspicious models and the other is to search for evidence. I always report illegal content if proof is obvious or is easy to get, but i won't waste my time otherwise.
Posted about 4 years ago

well it's a good idea, put for lazy artists like me ,It may be complicated to wake up at the right time to reactivate the products .
Personally I think rather a quota .. no more than 10% free products compared to commercial products.

LemonadeCG wrote
Quota isn't bad idea either, but it won't solve problem with free content that is already there.

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