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Hello, I am NArtist.

I want to share my idea with you.

Sometimes several people work on single CGTrader account. I found it difficult to distribute income, because sometimes one artist's models are more sold than others.

In this type of cases it needs hard calculation to distribute earnings between partners, so I think "sub-accounts"(or something like that) will help us a lot.

We would be able to upload and grope models by their creators and make several "wallets" for every single artist in one CGTrader account to collect and withdraw their money separately.

Let me know if this is already exist in this site.


Posted about 1 month ago

If you're a group of artists that are selling each own assets under one account, then you are simply gaining unfair advantage over individual sellers, who are selling their models on their own. Why cgtrader should help you?

Posted about 1 month ago

: )
You didn't get me right. I will try to explain one example.
Imagine, my two friends and I upload and sell models on single account.
My models are more popular and I earn much more money than my friends, but our money is accumulated together , so we have to share it after withdrawal. It will be much comfortable if we would be able to separate models by their creator and separate earnings and withdraw money separately.

LemonadeCG wrote
That's exactly how i understood your original request. And in my opinion that is unfair way of competing. If you each make your own models, you should sell them from separate accounts.
Posted about 1 month ago

OK, that is your point of view.

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