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I would first like to say that I 'm really happy to have found a good site to trade 3D ​​graphics.

I would especially like to know if you think installing a more accurate system for jobs ?

I found nothing more than the supply and private discussions , but it should absolutely be able to manage its a bit " surely " , performing file uploads and the payment from the site.

It would also be nice to be able to do it with a whole list of things to do for the job , for exmple you enter the text at the beginning and end of each line there is a box checked. When text is entered and saved it could not be changed , and even checked boxes .

Once the list of things to do and met all the boxes checked and the files are sent to the site , the payment is released and the job applicant can pay and receive your files immediately.

It is a better idea , and I confess that I do not have to watch the entire board due to lack of time, but I hope so have an interesting answer on this subject , I registered for a few days and I finish a job right now , so it bothers me a bit at the moment ^ ^ " .

thank in advance !


Posted over 8 years ago

Hi guys, these are all good points, and we will add upgrading the jobs feature into our development pipeline. If you have any other suggestions about how the jobs board should look like, please share here, we're listening! :)

JpotatO wrote
Thank a lot ! : )
Posted over 8 years ago

Hello GROSS Jordan. I do agree with you about the need for a mean to ensure that the transition is safe for both parts. I add a proposal: is it possible to have mandatory timeframe/budget/technical specifics in the custom models requests?

Posted over 8 years ago

It would also be nice to have some sort of a feature to protect the artist once it takes a job. For example it happened to me that I took a job, I wasted my time making the model exactly according to specs (which changed 3 times quite a lot as the guy kept "reminding" new details that he wants), I made presentation renders and eventually it turned out the guy did not need the the actual 3D model, he only needed the render of a new original model (for whatever purpose) so once he had that, he was a goner. Just an idea.

Sirren wrote
Hello Bogdan. I think I know that guy, I had a similar problem some one month and a half ago, and of course he desappeared. Out of curiosity, what was the model you made?
Bogdan wrote
The last one I referred to was a easy 3D robot, which was supposed to take only a few minutes to make but several requests / changes later it turned into a one day job and even so I did not ask for any change in the price. Oh well, this is not the first time this happens but I kind of hope it will be the last.
Sirren wrote
Thank you Bogdan, it was definitely the same person.
Posted over 8 years ago

yes it is exactly that!
I had the same problem, at first I had to make 4 objects 4 textures in the end I made ​​34 textures for 4 items ... (not counting the number of times I had to change back all on a sudden head-_-)
It is not possible, it is imperative that we can put everything in place to start, as the choice of shapes, textures, effects, etc ...
And once everything in place we can not add or change anything.
Well it may well add a "bonus" section in case of special work are desired, with of course a bonus for the artist.
Any change would already be the CG-trader to a really interesting way, and certainly unique!

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