Selling VR experiences on CGT - A new branch?

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Lately I've been moving into building HTC Vive VR experiences with content I've created. Interactive, realistic, just like the scans I sell.

I would like to be able to sell these in a straight forward way. As a preferred platform for selling content, I think VR experiences could be a great branch on the CGTrader marketplace.

What do you think?



Posted over 5 years ago

It will probably remain not strait forward for long time.

There are lots of different approaches for monetizing on VR content and lots of different platforms to consider (things are scattered).

Everything is still in early phase and things need to settle in order to get view on what platforms are going to turn out most popular.

CGtrader indeed is going to meet some challenges in the future when major VR platforms will go for the mainstream masses and VR content consumerism, however the strong point of CGt remains its platform agnostic character, it can basically deliver all types of contend (building blocks) to all developers creating for whatever platform (very divers market right now and probably remaining so for quit long time).

Currently as an independent VR content developer eventually seeking out to deliver immersive VR experiences it is probably best to gradually build the own content repository and provide it on platform agnostic markets like CGt (in order to already get return while organically grow and move forward on long term goals). Then when own repository is large enough to get in the stage of delivering own VR experiences then look for the platforms that holds most promise on delivering the experiences to the masses (provide content to consumers on it).

My best guess right now is that projeckt sansar will be the popular platform for monetizing on VR content for the masses?

Projeckt sansar is run by Ebbe Altberg a former co founder of lindenlabs second life (

It will open up to the public probably somewhere in February 2017 (

Content developers can get early access right now for purposes of learning and setting up experiences within it (

What's interesting here is the fact that it delivers a development platform that creates worlds that stand on their own (while second life was one persistent world, sansar will be multivers of worlds).
Basically a developer gets a world he can make to his own specs, this allows for hardware agnostic solutions as developers can freely target high spec PC or entry-level ones.

Secon life had to be scaled down to lowest spec hardware and so was not able to scale up that well.

Also take a look at High Fidelity (
High Fidelity is run by Philip Rosedale he was also former co founder of second life.

It's safe to say both of them acquired lots of experience from second life but now have different approaches on how to move forward on VR world development.

Take a look at this article (

Personally I think sansar holds promise for a growing community of content developers hoe eventually will also be consumer's of the content from other makers (

On the other end there are the platforms like steam VR, Google daydream, Oculus store, etc, providing home for the creations that where made via tools like unreal engine 4, etc.

Here's some breakdown on those (

Basically it would not make allot of sense CGt would deliver VR experiences, what would it need to go for, PS VR, Oculus VR, Daydream and more following in great succession soon?

Just being the marketplace like it is right now delivering platform agnostic content to all is probably best strategy?

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