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Recently i was on search for inexpencive race driver model. First i went to cgtrater and tried to enter various keywords into search field. I tried many single keywords and combinations, but results were very disapointing. I get either almost no results at all or vast amount of completely unrelated models. And seems like search is somehow broken. Sometimes you can add additional keywords, but it returns exact results as without those keywords. Also there's  very annoying bug with search field, when cursor constantly jumps to begining and that makes typing very tedious job.

Eventually i went to turbosquid and it was entirely different experience. I get exactly what i want in no time no matter what keywords or combinations i entered into search field.

No wonder why selling models here is going so mediocre.


Posted about 6 years ago

Lemonade, thank you for your comment. Right now we are working hard on improving our search and feedback like yours is really helpful. Problem with "jumping" in search entry field will be fixed ASAP.

Regarding result quality, we're experimenting with different search engines and that may cause some inaccurate results you experienced. To help us a bit more, could you share the keywords you were trying to enter and what was your expectations? That would help us a lot to find wrong patterns and make the improvements.

Feedback (with keyword examples) from other visitors would also be very appreciated.

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