Same stolen Deadpool model being sold by 6 different guys

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Original free model by Kiel Figgins published years ago.

This models is now all over the internet, so the guys below probably don't even know from who they stole it.
For example sketchfab

This guy was reported long time ago, still or again selling. Also sells on TS. His other model, the helicopter is another free model from Kiel Figgins.
Btw "his" Challenger 2 Army Tank is being sold by about 4 other guys here too :D

First two thumbnails are from different model but the last one is Figgins deadpool.

Printable? nooo...

DadPull ..okaaay

At least tried to change the texture slightly


This site is going downhill..


Posted 19 days ago

In cgtrader's defense, they're the most actively piracy fighting marketplace of all that i know. The amount of illegal content is alarming though. I think it's mostly because cgtrader is the biggest player and that attracts thieves like magnet.

Posted 18 days ago

If you allow people to publish models for 2$ with 1 image, three words description and only in FBX format you are not fighting piracy at all. You don't even pretend to fight it.

LemonadeCG wrote
Other marketplaces are much worse in this regard, some of them don't even allow you to report illegal content, unless you can prove your ownership. Regarding the pricing, let's be realistic, the marketplaces are fighting with each other for every single dollar, there's very little chance that they will put restrictions on the pricing. I'm not very happy with cgtrader in many regards, but as far as illegal content goes, they always quick to react to all my reports and they have my deep respect for that.
Posted 18 days ago

Yeah, just looking at the prices I can tell there are a lot of stolen models on these accounts.

Posted 17 days ago

Unbelievable, unfortunately there is plenty of stolen content here. The funny thing is that have seen my own model that I sell here on CGTrader published by someone else. Cgtrader took it down when I informed them.

Posted 16 days ago


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