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Sometimes some clients who are usually amateur artists buy the products

but they can't convert to Maya, Rhino or C4D from OBJ or FBX file ..

They become angry, nervous and give you a "negative rating"

I think the "request free file format conversion" button should be bigger

and legible.

Thank you


Posted about 3 years ago

Maybe they don't know, I think we should all put a sentence like "If the model don't work, contact us before opening a case to us" xD

Posted almost 3 years ago

I bought a model last week and when I downloaded it, it was a rar. file. I hit that little conversion button but all I got back was an email that said my obj. is ready to import and should work fine. but I have no clue where the obj. file is for me to import it. what do I do? am I stupid or did he just not send it to me? I don't want to give this guy a bad review if I'm doing something wrong. I've e-mailed him about it several times and he's not responding.

eduardas wrote
Hi there, Have you tried unzipping the file? A lot of designers pack all noted formats in one archived file. I think your .obj is just inside that archive file.
Posted almost 3 years ago

no, he didn't send me any folder or zipped folder, it just said download a3.rar (14.6 MB). And he still hasn't responded to any of my message's. He's making me not even wanna try to buy other models from this site.

eduardas wrote
hi again, Try downloading the a3.rar file - then open it or unzip it - the .obj file should be inside that rar file.
Posted almost 3 years ago

After I hit the request free file format, he sent me an e-mail that said this.

Hi acree,

Thank you for contacting us regarding a file format conversion of Hangar!

We would like to let you know that you can import the existing .obj file and will work as expected. You can buy this model with confidence or download the files if you have already made the purchase.

If you experience any problems with the converted file or have additional questions, please contact us at support@cgtrader.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

CGTrader team

That was it. I have know idea where the obj. file is. it only let's me download a3.rar. please someone help, I don't want to dis this site cause there are a lot of cool models on here. But so far I just feel robbed by this guy cause he's got my money but I don't have my model.

Posted almost 3 years ago

ok, when I tried to do that before, my computer would ask me what kind of program would I like to download and I didn't know ( long story short), I feel like a dumbass. Thanks for learning me, I got it thanks to you. Now see, that's all that man had to say to me. Well now I can keep buying from this site, just not from him. Thanks again!!

Posted over 2 years ago

Also Win RAR is free on internet and is very easy to use ( just click extract here !)
Today I had an experience with a client who does not understand what is ,,rar,, file. She bought the file "rar" (with all the files inside) but after a few minutes she wants full refund. :)
Eduardas, can be exist a solution with the WinRAR link for downloading this software ?
Over 95% of files are archived .

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