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we need some personal statistics about model sales. Those infographics you post from time to time are really cool and useful, but information about own models sales is crucial as well. There's no way to know how particular model sells, other than sit with calculator at my sales page and count sales by hand. Ok, CSV file may be good, but i don't know how to use it.

Also it would be really nice to have statistics about individual files downloads. I have few free models with many available file formats. To get statistics from those downloads, would greatly help to determine which formats are popular and should be kept and which can be dropped off. TurboSquid has nice statistical data available, unfortunately CGTrader lacks in this area.


Posted about 6 years ago

I use google hrom to watch sales statistic.
I go to "My sales" page, copy name of model, press two buttons on keyboard ctrl and F, then ctrl and V, and then I see number of sales.

Posted about 6 years ago

Ok, i've downloaded csv stats files and imported them into google spreadsheet. With few formulae i got pretty nice statistical data over my downloads. Very happy with that :] Still, it would be nice to have that data directly available in CGTrader at some point in the future.

Posted almost 6 years ago

Generate CSV for latest downloads doesn't work anymore :[ Please fix it, as i find this feature very useful.

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