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Encountered a problem with current implementation of the collections tool.

I have made a small environment scene populated with items that are already sold separately on my page. I want to provide this scene as a product and attache those items already sold/uploaded but current tool only allows me to combine published items outside of the publisher if I'm correct?

This means that the scene would need to be uploaded and published first and thus remain on the site as a separate product? (not good as in this case I still would need to upload all those products files to that item and thus that renders advantage of collection tool obsolete).

In my case or in anybody's case who wants to do something like I'm describing here, the current implementation of the collections tool would preferably be embedded in the publisher, so that one can upload a scene and then attache those separate items from within the product creation page itself.

It probably seems strange but as I present it here one would need to go to the publisher to create a new product (if he wants to make a collection) and upload some images etc. and next to upload button would then also be a button to select items from the catalog (already published items).

In this case people who want to just combine items do just that (not upload additional files just select items from catalog) but the people that want to add new scene files to this collection could then also do that.

In a nutshell, the collections tool would be more versatile if embedded in the product publisher page if I'm correct?

Possible alternative could be to add additional 3D files upload option to the current collections tool, but that seems to be not elegant as it would sort of create two separate publishers.

What do you think?


Posted almost 2 years ago

Good point.
I had maybe similar "problem" (but problem is probably too expressive word it is not a real problem for me :D).
When I published this collection:
I desided to publish it as the old "collection" type (as a normal single model).
Because the individual models are too simple in my opinion and I didn't want to "spam" my catalogue (my artists page) by 5 single and similar products. And also I would get 5x low publishing score at such simple products with short description etc.
So it would be also interesting for me if I could publish the new collection from unpublished models.

LemonadeCG wrote
The models might be simple, but there still might be some users that would need exactly the same looking model and wouldn't mind to purchase it separately for a smaller price. Also, i would not worry too much about low publishing score, i have models with score of 4 or so, that are selling very good and other models that has 8+ score, that wasn't sold even once. Score is important, but not paramount.
Posted almost 2 years ago

To elaborate a bit more about what I’m trying to do, this is how I manage the problem now (

So in this case the customer needs to visit those not working links to get a description of the separate objects/products in that scene (not so elegant).

The main thing is, I want to add presentation value for those types of products by arranging them in a small predefined scene maybe around a rock or some other scene elements that gets added for free.

Personally I believe this makes a better presentation for a collection in contrast of just trowing stuff in a box, also this approach has some informational value as it shows how the objects look and feel in an arrangement, etc. (its all about the visuals, remember your selling stuff to make visuals so images are key).

Similarly I want to do this with motion graphics elements, so provide element packages but also from time to time do some arrangements using these element packages and then provide that scene including those packs. These types of scenes serve as inspiration and examples of what can be made with those packs (they are part of the marketing strategy and get used in media campagnes, etc).

Also, some just prefer a nice predefined scenes and not spend time kitbashing around with element packs, maybe some just do not have a creative feel to arrange them in exiting ways so they need some inspirational sparks to get them going, etc.

Posted almost 2 years ago

Actually i was thinking about that too. Maybe acceptable solution would be to add an option of publishing unlisted models, which would not appear in search and could not be purchased separately, but only as a part of collection. So you could arrange your enviroment scene, publish it as unlisted model and then include it in collection.

iterateCGI wrote
That's a good idea but in current implementation a collection provides links to the actual products online so that would need to be addressed then, maybe it could work if existing button would just have an extra option “add to existing product” next to create or add to existing collection? Anyways, having everything to do with creating products reside on one publishing page seems to be more elegant if you ask me. For example the view for selecting existing products could be only thumbnails (and slightly bigger) so one gets more and better view because in this case the statistics information is not important, we basically just need to recognize the products for selection.

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