Possible licence bug?

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I noticed that almost all my models somehow turned their licence from general into editorial. While many of my models should sell under editorial licence and i usually pick the right licence on publishing (sometimes i forget to do so, though :/ ), others are free to be sold under general licence. I don't know if it's CGTrader staff thats too enthusiasticly moderates licences or it's yet another bug.

For example, here's couple of my models that i published under general licence, but recently discovered that their selling under editorial licence



P.S. i changed licence back to general for those models and would like to know that it will stay like that from now on.


Posted over 4 years ago

Recently I got lots of buyers asking me for OBJ versions of my models but that is really strange because when I uploaded them they all had OBJ files attached. Has this happened to you before?

eduardas wrote
Can you tell me which of the models have OBJ files disappeared?
Posted over 4 years ago

Hey guys,

Thank you for the notice. This is a peculiar topic, as the models should not have changed into the editorial license. We'll take a look at it.


Eddy, CGTrader

Posted over 4 years ago

The CGTrader team is always so fast at fixing things :) I love it! Thanks guys!

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