Please increase the number of thumbnails per page up to at least 500

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Hello, when I start searching models in for example character/woman category, It already has 157 pages with 120 thumbnails per page. In my humble opinion, nobody wants to click 157 times to see all models there. If it was at least 500 max per page (like TS), perhaps I would be able to see them by clicking on "Next" 40 times. Since the best match filter often gives me results that are not what I'm looking for ( duplicated products, etc.), I would like to see all models before I picked up decent ones if I was a buyer. What do you think?


Posted about 2 months ago


May to the exist options should be add "show all" link. But considering how some users continue to load models using batch uploads, there are doubts about the need for this link. There is more of a question to algorithms and not to the number of models on the page. And by the way, no matter how scolded these very algorithms are, they work. So if you make high-quality models at a normal price, I think you shouldn't worry much about their visibility.

Posted about 2 months ago

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. The suggestion and feedback will be passed on to CGTrader's product development team.

Austeja from CGTrader

Posted about 2 months ago

I guess the "show all" link could be harder for CGT to implement, but to get the most out of a million models, those need to be seen more smartly. The default 36 per page for 20,000 is nonsensical, to be honest. I wouldn't complain about the best match criteria, just hope the engine gets smarter and less prone to error. Also, the trending model's list should expand to 100 or more. From a seller's point of view, when my model was placed in the list, the number of views boosted up to 10 times by comparison with page 4 in the best match list and fortunately sold within a day after uploaded. From a buyer's point of view, I prefer a "click-less" interface (or tap-less for mobile devices). Hope the team will take these ideas and get the best 3D marketplace even better soon. Thanks!

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The problem is that if people load that many thumbnails, the page would take so long to properly load they wouldn't get to see all the products anyway. Not to mention the stress this would cause to CGT servers if every time a client loads a category, the server is called upon to load up potentially 20,000 thumbnails all at once.

Posted about 2 months ago

To optimize images, there has long been a .webp and similar formats and technologies (like JPEGmini or many other soft, script and service). So loading many previews on the page is not a problem.

luxxeon wrote
The server would still need to do the conversion on the images, which could potentially impact the server. I don't know what kind of server farm CGT currently uses, but I think there's some other areas of optimization they could focus on first that might be more beneficial to all of us. It's not a bad idea, but if webp isn't set up properly on the server side, then any browsers that don't support it will get broken images, and if it is set up properly, then still those browsers would serve out the full-size JPG or PNG files anyway. Webp format is great, but it's probably best to wait until the end of 2021 when more than 90% of browsers will support it natively. CGT might already be using it for all I know. Even with those small file sizes, serving out the massive number of requests possible by showing over 500 image files at once is still a lot to ask from a high traffic website like this. Even the sites that use the "infinite" scrolling image gallery, like Artstation, break it down into 50 or so images loading at a time.
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
Anyway i think CGT team will find a compromise between server load and usability platform.

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