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Wouldn't it be great to have a personal blog here on CGtrader?
(e.g. large button next to the avatar in the public profile ore under the website link)

So designers can post an articles about whatever they want to talk about and post a link in the forum whenever they have something published on there blog. CGtrader then could (if they see something they like) ad it to the main CGtrader blog.

The personal blog would have some custom menu option to make for instance a tutorial menu and other categories eg. 3d printing, future of 3d graphics, inspiration, software, etc.

This could be a way to keep tutorials and all other info stuff localized on the personal artists/designer page.


Posted about 6 years ago

iterateCGI, thanks for your idea. We are planning it for the next year together with bunch of other community related features and improvements.

iterateCGI wrote
Good news, thanks It would be great, after all it would also motivate more back linking, e.g. from Facebook profiles, Linkedin, forums from other community websites, etc. And also linking between designers themselves and their blog entry's.
Posted almost 6 years ago

@Ed, Hey, would it be possible to get something so that ppl could bid on jobs, and models?

ed-cgt wrote
Hi, can you explain that in more details and examples? Just to make sure we get you correctly.
joey-blendernut wrote
I've been working on for the last couple days, and I've been bidding on jobs and stuff, but I ain't too fond, of bidding on jobs, with no description. Besides, the buyer doesn't even have a clue what he's gonna get! Same with the jobs page on here... So WHAT IF, you guys did a page, where CG Artists could post there artwork up for bids, and whatever it came out too (above $7), after a given period of time, was sold at that price, with the modeler's permission. I think it would be very beneficial for all three categories of people on here.... 1. CG Trader itself, because something like this, would get some new faces on here I'm sure, and make a LOT more sales.... 2. The Customers... They could pick their price, and decide what they thought the model was worth. And also see if it would suit their needs... 3. The Modelers... They could make tons more sales this way! :D Also, the modeler, would be able choose whether or not to auction the model off, or just sell it...

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