Payout oddity

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I've noticed that payout for June also includes accumulated funds from July. Was that glitch in the system, or did cgtrader change how payouts works?


Posted 7 days ago

It looks like something is wrong with the system. Once again, I reported that a payments every week doesn't suit me at all and asked them to get me back to the old method of payment, once a month. But it's been a couple of month and nothing. Payouts goes again for a week, I even went into minus for some time...

LemonadeCG wrote
Up untill now, payouts worked well for me, but it's worrying to see how cgtrader struggles to keep track of its payouts methods for everyone.
Posted 4 days ago

it is annoying wait almost 2 month for a single payment, i closed a deal with my client this 1st of july, and cgtrader will pay me until the 20th....¡¡¡of the next month¡¡¡ not even the 20th of this month¡¡¡

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