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I have two little site suggestions;

First one is having the number right next to 3D Models to be a link to all the models
(see image for reference) (https://imgur.com/a/UCT3E8b)

I know there is already a button down there but its so down, right? ;-)

Second suggestion is having a way to add custom license right there in same place where someone gives a price offer. I usually agree to lower price offers if they agree to non commercial license, but then I need to temporally switch license and wait till transaction is done, risk losing clients looking for regular license during that time, etc.


Posted 8 months ago

+1 to the first suggestion.

Regarding special licence for price offers, i think it would be better if cgtrader would introduce multiple licenses option for all products instead. Some marketplaces already has such option and it's working well.

Posted 8 months ago

That's also an option but personally have some reservation regarding frictionless access to lower pricing. Feel a little bit better people need to contact me to get access to that option.

Maybe have multiple license options for those who just want to publish with the options available right on the spot and a make request button for non commercial license for those that do not want the option right there on the spot?

In my case clients are usually professionals looking for commercial license, request for lower pricing happens very few times, so have no problems handling those few cases.

fuzzystar wrote
Hi, I just discovered this site and wondering if you could help with some questions with licensing. I read the Terms and Conditions, under definition of Royalty Free License, model may not be sold in its 3D printed physical form, which is what I intend to do with certain models I'm searching for. I'm talking with the designer and neither of us really know how to proceed, is it just a matter of the designer create a Custom License with custom price for me that states I'm allowed to sell 3D printed models?
Posted 8 months ago

Multiple licenses with different pricing is a must. When will it be available ?

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