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I recently got a sale, and the buyer contacted me, for product support. I was not notified though email though. And I still haven't gotten any email notifications about the sale or the product support. The only reason I found out about it, is because the buyer contacted me though YouTube.

I checked my notification settings, and there all turned on.
My feedback for CG Trader, is to improve the email notifications, so that when I get notifications on the website, I also get email notifications.



Posted about 2 months ago

Be sure that your email client is not sending CGTrader notifications to a spam folder before you ever see it in your inbox! Not sure which email service you are using, but sometimes certain types of notifications can trigger false positive spam alerts in an email client system. So check your spam or trash folder, if possible, and be sure that is not the case. Chances are, notifications could have been falsely flagged by the email client as spam. If not, then contact support and let them know ASAP, because that could be hurting your reputation points if you aren't able to respond to requests in time.

RyanKingArt wrote
Thank you for your reply.
Posted about 2 months ago

Hi there,

You were unsubscribed from our services and that is the reason why didn't receive notifications.

However, we turned it on for you and now you should be getting new notifications.

Austeja from CGTrader

Posted about 2 months ago

Always contact the support first. That's a lesson I personally learned today. ;-) Cheers

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