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Discussion started by richix

Hello, its only my pers. opinion but the new design is just terrible. To slow to find and check something, bad way to preview. Text to tiny, slow slowed slower...
No no no, after minute ive changed to epic. Sry the preview Version here was exaxt good enough for that what it mean to be. The new one just make me tired.
I hope you change that pls, so i can find here what im searching for.


Posted 3 months ago

The old one didn't even have names displayed. This is far better in my opinion. Finally a step in a good direction

richix wrote
i wrote in my pers. opinion not at all, and so better be add the name to old one and not make bigger the thumb and so tiny the text so i cant even read the price and yes, im sure you can read the text well :)
altahir-lite wrote
Yes, the price tag is too small actually... it needs more highlights, so that people can recognize it more easily.

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