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Hi everyone,

Some of you may have already seen the few mentions of the Bulk Price Changer - tool to quickly adjust and manage your asset pricing on CGTrader.

You can find the bulk price changer in your "My Products" page. Quick review on how it works:

1. You can choose whether you want to select specific models or all models for the upcoming price change:

2. Clicking on checkbox below allows you to choose the models that you have already filtered, or the ones you see in the page you're in:

3. Choose if you want to set a specific price to your models - or if you want to increase or decrease prices by a specific percentage:

Click Apply and voilà! Price changed. Your product now has the price you've wanted to have:

If you have any questions, notes or spotted something that doesn't work for you, let us know in the comments bellow.


Posted almost 3 years ago

I think this is great!!! But only one question... Is it possible to increase or decrease with numbers instead of % ??? Just asking... (I really hate a price with decimals.... xD)

eduardas wrote
Filter the models you want changed (whether it's one or a few), and click on "set price to" - then you'll be able to have the exact price you want.
Posted over 2 years ago

this is great

Posted over 2 years ago

Changing price by percentage could benefit from rounding option - i see a lot strangely priced models lately. Not a big issue, but doesn't look too elegant if you'd ask me.

Bondiana wrote
Yes that's why I asked about change prices by numbers instead of %....
LemonadeCG wrote
Changing price by numbers works only with similarly priced models, while rounding would work with any price range.

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