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I would like to have more statistical data available for my products. Right now i can see how many times one or another model was viewed and that's about it, but there's so much more data that could be very useful at maintaining current models and at planning future ones. If there would be info on how many times particular model was sold and how much revenue it generated, that would help to see what models doing great and what not so much. That could potentially help to understand what could be improved in certain models to boost its success.

I also noticed that some of my models gets much more traffic and sales than other similarly themed and same quality level models. I suspect that increased traffic could be led by some external links in social media, forums or blogs. If we would have ability to track down traffic, like on youtube's analytics, that would tremendously help to more effecively utilize marketing of our products. Designers won't have to rely solely on CGT marketing, but could actively and more important, effectively to attract traffic by themselves.

Let's discuss what more statistics could/should be available to sellers.


Posted over 5 years ago

I've always wished that anyone could see how many times a particular model has been sold on here, it would help immensely for newcomers to get a feel for the market and their particular niche. I know one stock asset site I use lets you see this and filter search results by most sold, but every other website hides this info

Posted over 5 years ago

Well it could work both ways... In one way it could be great because new artists would know which kind of model sells but on the other side it would be bad for them too. New artists who just joined won't have any sales on their models. This could put off new buyers from buying from new users. It has been studied that people tend to buy more from stores that others have already bought from. Some people are not willing to take the first chance on a model that has not been sold before. So in a way CGT is safe guarding everyone's business and giving all of us a chance by not making that info available to buyers.

Posted over 5 years ago

Getting more statistical data on our models would be great! It would be interesting to know how many views and clicks you are getting on each model as well as get statistics and graphs on which models are getting the most views and also which models are getting 0 views so that you can better understand your over all performance.
Right now all you get to know is how many views you have over all but without knowing why some models are not getting views it is hard to correct it especially without having a bench mark to go by.

Posted almost 3 years ago

It would be nice to know which models have been viewed - and how many times they have been viewed in a given period of time (1 day, 1 week, 1 month) - not just how many views for all time.

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