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Hello CGTrader!

For starters, let me say that the new dashboard is very fancy and a great improvement from before! :)

My request comes as a way of Artists to further improve their sales (which seems to be the main theme of the update, given there is direct access to model reviews, feedback reputation etc). The new Earnings graph is really cool since its a clear depiction of how things are going, but something that would be even more useful is a graph that tracks Average Earnings over the past 6 months. Its a much better method of being able to know if you are infact gradually making more money each payday.

Other useful charts would be:

- Line Graph to track annual Earnings

- Distribution Graph for Model Ratings

- Bar Graph to track Number of uploads in a previous month (so we can directly correlate with sales)

- Line Graph to track reputation gain/loss

- Line Graph to track Number of Model Views with number of sales (so we can see what products customers are buying when looking at something, if there are lots of views but little purchases, it could indicate that the product needs to be adjusted)

These are all the ones I can think of for now, I understand that's a lot of work, but it will really be helpful to us Creators!


-Zaven Boyrazian


Posted over 3 years ago

I agree absolutely.
Maybe I would also recommend to improve "My models" analytics section and add "Relative Views" per time period (week, month...) because "(Absolute) Views" metric is not very helpful for products with different published date.
And it doesn't say nothing about how the models are popular in recent time.

Posted over 3 years ago

I agree, the analytical features gajatix and zabotlama have mentioned would be really useful!
I would definitely like to see a graph showing views vs sales for specific models, and to be able to see the views of a model over a specified period.

the graphs that have recently been added are extremely useful though, so its clearly going in the right direction.

Posted over 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Eduardas from CGTrader here. Thank you for the feedback - truth is we see the current dashboard as a work-in-progress with a lot of room for improvements, so it's good to hear your thoughts!
We wanted to launch the new dashboard as soon as possible, but it's far from a finished product. I can say a lot more improvements are coming up quite soon- so stay tuned.


ZB3D wrote
Glad to here it! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us :)

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