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Hello artists of CGTrader!

First time posting here on the forum. I was just looking for some feedback on the pricing of my models. I used to sell exclusively on TurboSquid and made decent money there, but eventually realized there are much better sites for artists who value having a relationship with their customers and a platform to show off their work, so I concentrate more on sites like CGTrader now.

I create mostly low poly models for students, hobbyists, or developers on a budget. My models are not particularly intricate, but they are modeled and textured thoughtfully and are of high quality in my opinion. I try to create cheap content, but I also don't want to sell myself short or turn off buyers because of very low prices. I also recognize that undercutting is a very real problem on these sites. I was hoping to get some opinions on my prices. Too low? Just right? It's a fine line to walk. Any feedback would be appreciated!



Posted 6 months ago

The quality of these models is top-notch. Myself, I have yet to make my first sale. I'm pretty new on this site, but my main strategy is to look at competitor's prices and kind of walk the pricing line there. I may not be of much help, but I think that so long as you keep up the quality and texturing prowess, you can keep prices the way that they are. Sorry if this is of no help, just thought this was an interesting topic.

Posted 4 months ago

Lower price then at competitors - is not right way... My opinion is following - many models on this site is too cheap. But for real Customers they cost much more. Rate your models and wait - if they are claimed - they will be sold!

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