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Hi CGTrader team,

a month or so ago i noticed that something strange is going on with jobs system. I stopped to receive messages from contracters to whose jobs i had applied. And if some contracters had contacted me, then it was always through private messages and not through job board as it used to be not so long ago.

I started to suspect that some unwelcome changes were made to job system and decided to make my mini investigation. I created fake job to see how system works from contractors perspective. Apologies to those designers who applied to my job and didn't received any message from me. I simply couldn't done so, because system wouldn't let me to comunicate with applicants directly. And that is very serious drawback. I think it's harmful to designers as well as contractors. Very often job descriptions are very vague and theres simply not enough information for applicants to evaluate fair price offer. On the other hand, applications are often very poorly described too and contractor have a hard time to decide which applicant may be the best for the job. Without ability to directly comunicate between buyer and designers before making contract, whole process is more like playing a russian rulette. There must be ability to comunicate BEFORE making contract.


Posted almost 5 years ago

Yes You'r wright !!! I've some problem also a month or a bit ago !

Posted almost 5 years ago

Hello LemonadeCG,

Your points were very good and actually very accurate as well - we are planning to let contractors communicate designers more freely and it should be fixed in the very near future.


Eduardas, CGTrader

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