Issues with payment agreement!

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Hello there,

So I'll be straight forward with this, I linked a Payooner account & a PayPal account to my CgTrader selling account, and apparently, my Payooner card didn't arrive, and I don't have PayPal verified just yet, the money is being set to a Payooner account that has a card I'd never get. However, I have another Payooner card which arrived and I want to switch Payooner accounts in the payment agreement, however, it says "Your Payooner account was accepted and verified" and doesn't give me a hand to change it, at all, which is confusing.

Any solutions? Or should I contact the staff to fix it for me?


Posted over 1 year ago

Hey there,

Thank you for reaching out.

I answered to your support ticket. Let us know if you will need anything else.

All the best,
CGTrader support

memenials wrote
Thanks for the quick response, I replied nontheless, the issue is still on.
Posted about 1 year ago


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