Is the rating system in CGtrader good and precise enough ???

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Hello Cgtrader artists,

I wonder if you find the positive/negative rating system in cgtrader precise and good enough ? will not be better to change it with classic "5 stars" rating system ?

When customers in cgtrader have only 2 options for rating positive or negative is that good for artists ? there is no lack of precision ? for example if a customer is not very satisfied with a model, in a 5 stars rating system he can maybe give 3 or 3.5 stars however in cgtrader he will probably give a negative rating, which not reflect the reality, it looks like a 0 star !!??

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Posted over 1 year ago

Your not the first to make this topic, and wont be the last.

Yes the 'Good or Bad' rating doesn't work, but its what we have been given. I would prefer a 5 star system myself but to be fair, I don't think it affects sales or makes you look bad to customers. I mean, I have an okay amount of positive votes, so one negative, wouldn't be an issue for me.

theflash518 wrote
Yes maybe for someone like you who has a good amount of positive votes it will not be a problem but for someone who is just thinking of starting putting his models here it may be a worrying thing!
beckstation wrote
Agreed, and I know what you mean. We'll just have to hope that CGT does perhaps look into this and change the ratings. But its been this way for a very long time now, so we'll see.

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