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I work on a game project and it would be nice that there would be a ability to get invoices for free items. This is of course for legal reasons.
Thank you.


Posted 8 months ago

I think I see what you mean, but instead of an invoice, maybe you can contact the seller (or creator of the product) and have them send you a signed consent form or release form that verifies the product is free to use in your game? That might be even better than an invoice with $0? Assuming you just want it verifiable that the product is free to use. Unless this is for tax purposes or a financial reason, then ignore everything I just said. ;)

winly wrote
Basically yes but I was thinking if there would be a automatic system so the sellers dont have to do more work.
Posted 8 months ago

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.

I have passed your idea to our product team.

Thank you for your feedback.

Take care,
Agota from CGTrader

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