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Hey guys,

I've been dealing with CGTrader's interviews for past two months. We have brought the idea to ask some new questions to the challenge winners, so I have made a new list, but then a thought popped into my mind.
I was wondering what questions would you want to ask to the fellow artists?
All suggestions are welcome!

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Posted over 5 years ago

O.K., my question: "What rendering system is most perspective for game-ready models (vray, mental ray, marmoset tool bag 2, sketchfab, etc.)? Maybe something universal for different game engines? Thanks."

Posted over 5 years ago

V-ray seems to be the best, but for games I don´t know.

Posted over 5 years ago

Maybe questions that are more likely to trigger interesting discussions? (jess hard to predict)
(preferably questions that can give us better understanding of the common ideas and beliefs that cg artists are holding towards 3D stock media production/market ).

How do they see the market in its current form and where do they like to see it heading in the future? What things would they like to see happen/change and how would it come about?

It's also interesting to know more about how stock media serves projects (user cases).

Personally, I think stock media will play an essential part in the future of CG industry and its evolution, because it is more in line with the "do more with less" strategy that people like Buckminster Fuller and alike are advocating for decades. It also provides a more efficient way of using and recycling human resources and ensures more freedom of artistic expressions and the iteration on it.

3D stock media markets like CGtrader are democratizing part of this CG industry and make it more open, so that art assets flow more freely and serve more projects (opening up the works to everyone hoe is able to add/extract value from it).
However, producing good stock media (or to keep the idea in the pipeline) requires a different way of working and doing things, it needs a special kind of artist who is thinking on additional levels over the things he is generating (e.g. how things are going to serve his own projects and preferably serve multiple ways in others). A 3D stock media producer is sort of an artist wearing a business hat, basically running a small division of R&D + a division of product development and placement + running a small marketing division. Luckily with today's communication technologies, social media and advanced online services, this is all within reach of the standard repertoire of tools and working methods of the general CG artist.

However it is not (as far as I know) part of the standard learning package.
We are kind of pioneering this field and learning this new skill trade (let cal it stock media producer) along the way. You see we don't even actually have a common name for it. CG trader labeled it the "designer" but it douse not rely fit this specific trade. It's more something like a stock media designer/producer/seller, the exact word still needs to be made up for it.
So having some (hoe are successful at this lousily perceived trade) hoe are willing to share some insights on how they are running these kinds of things, could help others in gaining more perspective on how they may run their activity's.

So, to recap;
Questions that invoke discussions on visions of the future surrounding stock media production.
Questions pointing to the democratization of the CG industry and the evolution of content creation.
Questions on techniques and insights on how 3D stock media producers run their operations/ activity's (providing insight on possible ways how a stock media producer could differentiate his activity's from others).
Questions regarding user examples and show cases.(providing inspiration and motivation to experiment)

Ps. Regarding the user examples, I have this interesting case that triggered some ideas about crowd funding initiatives.Opened up a separate tread to post it as a site proposal here (

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