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Hi everyone,

Hopefully you had a good 2016 - yet it’s finally time to move to the new year! There are a few important upcoming updates that we wanted to let you know of:

Custom discount Removal: Our team is currently working hard on a new discount program dedicated to attract more buyers that will be introduced in the upcoming month, that is why we are planning to remove the current discount system - meaning that only discounts for designers in buyer engagement program will be left. If you haven't already heard about the Buyer Engagement Program - please read more information here.

The current discount feature that let everyone offer their discounts (This little guy here:

was not as efficient and we strongly believe that the new upcoming program will be more productive and useful for the community. Participating in Buyers Engagement program will allow designers to feature in sale-offs and the aforementioned new discount program. The custom discount feature will be removed in one week time (by the 3rd of January)

As the discount feature was mostly used to reduce/increase the prices rather than provide a certain discount, our team will be implementing the feature of a bulk price changer - that will let every designer adjust his or her prices according to their needs.

Sculpteo and Streaming feature removal: Another feature that have received limited usability and will be removed from the site. This will help the community move in the clearer direction of Computer graphics. The 3D Printing models will still be available for purchase, but without streaming to 3D printer/Printed purchase from Sculpteo. The feature will be removed in the next few hours (on 28th of December).

Custom Job section: Many of you have probably already noticed the "Hire Me" button in profile page as well as in conversations tab. This is a feature to make buyers looking for a specific item more engaged.This means that buyers, who like designers’ work, but do not find relevant item can inquire about tailored work. For designers who have some free time for extra work and/or do not know what to design next - orders can come without investing too much time in looking for opportunities. We've already seen some of the job requests as well as some of those requests already taken on by our community designers, so the growing progress of this feature is something we look for in the future.

As always, we'll be very happy to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions (the good, the bad and even the ugly ones), so feel free to let your thoughts out.

Best regards and Happy Holidays,
Eddie, CGTrader


Posted almost 4 years ago

First of all, thank you for announcing new features rather than implementing it silently and not even revealing/explaining it afterwards. It's always nice to know that your team is constantly improving buyers and sellers experience and hopefully trying to drive sales as high as possible!

As for updates, i want miss custom discount for sure, but wonder what purpose bulk price change should serve other than making life even easier for numerous price undercutters?

Custom job offers are nice, but you should make option to opt out from it, like it is with price offer feature. First of all, not every designer has time or will to do freelancing and then there's many registered users that doesn't make/sell models at all and are registered just to buy/download products. IMO ability to accept job offers should be optional and off by default.

Posted almost 4 years ago


this was a boring 2016

Posted almost 4 years ago

I'm not sure about this update, it seems like a paradise for undercutters :(

Posted almost 4 years ago

I would like to see the following features:
To be able to give the buyer a discount when ordering N number of models.
The possibility of accumulation of bonuses with the purchase of any model (the bonus provided by the seller). Personally, I am ready to give the buyer a cumulative bonus accrual in respect of customizable in the form of adding the model to the trading platform.
You can add a condition bonuses spending only on the author's model or for all models of CG
Also you can add a promotional bonus from the seller when you subscribe to updates from the author, provided that the buyer will buy from the author at least one model.
It is useful to have a referral system to see which links and where you came from the buyer. Even without paying the artist (as on TS)
Personally, I place a lot of inbound links to my models and I want to see what works.
I hope you will understand my text. I guess it's funny to read in English

Posted almost 4 years ago

and one thing
in "My Conversations" accumulated a lot of messages that are out of date or do not make sense. It is desirable to be able, if not to remove (for dispute resolution), then at least to hide from the user interface (send to the archive)

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