I had to delete all of my non-3dp models for better marketing

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Several users including me, suggested to add the possibility to organize the designer's page in categories and choose the order of display of models. That's because many of us use that page as a Landing one, for example when advertising.

As of now, whenever someone lands on that page, regular models are displayed first and in order of date of upload; for me it was counter productive, since I mainly have 3d Printing models and didn't want potential buyers to click their way around to find them. So I figured it was much easier to delete all of non 3dp models and be done with that mandatory page with 3 poor little models for sale (what a shop!) and now, with no regular models, at least my designer's page redirects directly to 3dp models with a lot of variety and eyecandy...

But it's a shame! Please do something about the organization of the shop/designer's page


Posted almost 4 years ago

You can always filter your products and then share that link. For example:


This link will display my models starting with only the newest. This is very useful for advertising as you can target your audience only to the products you want them to see. I hope this helps.

frabuondi wrote
Thank you, it's better than nothing!
iterateCGI wrote
That’s an interesting technique but now that page looks like a regular CGt page not the designers page, the designer info and logo are gone. More customization options for personal designer page would be great.
Posted almost 4 years ago

Yes, I support this idea. It would be cool to have more freedom concering the visualization of the models in the designer's page. I have the impression that the models that are hidden in other tabs never get to be seen.

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