How about Bitcoin ?

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How about Bitcoin ?

as an payment option it will save time and expenses on both "CGTRADER & DESIGNERS" easy to transfer and use all over the world without problems.

please make that option available just for payment from cgtrader to desginers along with paypal and other options around think about it.


Posted almost 2 years ago

Bitcoin used to be a payment method here but it probably was very unsuccessful as it only lasted few weeks (probably very few people used it to buy 3D models?).

Also as far as I know digital currencies in its current form are bad for exchanging value in business. The value of that type of currencies fluctuates in big waves in very short time, you could actually lose money due to this high volatility.

To me it currently looks more like big gamble games, a sort of casinos orchestrated by some tech groups. They are probably making lots of money and soon they probably do it with something ells if the chicken is fat enough, it looks like means to play on the weakness of people, promising them free money out of thin air if they just buy/invest in some bitcoins or whatever.

The only value in there is the money from all those that believe they gonna get the money from the other after playing it smarter (one big game of poker), but the ones that are going to get all the real money are those tech groups that started the thing in the first place, they are the ones that actually get the money out of thin air from all those that think they are going to be smarter.

Anyways, in its current form it has no real value as a payment method due to all this gambling, also its expensive and not that strait forward to get those coins and its expensive and time consuming to exchange them back into real money.

Also lots of story's online about the software that runs the so called wallets, most of them are buggy and not that safe and the ones that are safe are not free (at least that's what I have heard).

Digital transfer of value is a good idea but the way it is going with those digital currencies right now is one big chaos, they are selling story's its supposedly better then banks because its decentralized but its just one big unregulated mess if you ask me (far west of the out of thin air money makers).

I would not mind if they install the means to use it here but I would certainly not make use of it in its current form.

Posted 10 months ago

Id like to see ripple XRP used as the fluctuations are quite stable this year and it only exists as xrp for 3 or 4 seconds during remittance, so the volatility is extremely minimal during transfer. Obviously as well, crypto as the name suggested is very secure and there's no buy-back like bank transfer that would avoid credit fraud with false refunds I've seen quite a bit of here and other markets. I do remember an actual 3D coin for buying/selling 3D once, wonder what happened to it.

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