freelancing, the relationship between the customer and the performer .

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make two more options, when the customer chooses an artist, he should choose -

1 agrees to be paid,

2 refuse, 3 and think. Thus, the performers will know whether to wait for an answer or the customer does not want to hire them.


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yeah this is not gonna help you that much, first of all CGT isn't a dedicated freelancing site, although i like it a lot, sadly the quality of costumers are the type which request you to build a city and offer the amount to design a dog house, this means the only people who can compete are the people living in countries with very low inflation or low GDP per capita, in my case i live in Germany which means with 5 hours of work with the minimum wage of a McDonald employee you get more money than doing most of the projects here.

so i don't think you should invest your time in doing freelance work or even ask for more improvements when we have a low bracket client base here in CGT

constantine77 wrote
it's not about GDP , but about schoolchildren for whom $ 10 is already a lot )

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