Forum feedback, my "helpful", "irrelevant" data.

Discussion started by balnaitis

I am getting reputation points for feedback on my posts and answers on the forum, but when I go to forum, there is no data on +1's and -1's that I got. I see why the button is removed for your personal posts - so that you do not vote yourself, but this way I only know about this feedback from the reputation tab. I think it would be much easier to follow if the button was there, just inactive.


Posted about 6 years ago

Hey Andrius, are you sure it's removed? Because I just looked on my own threads and see the button and numbers.

Posted about 6 years ago

Hello, Alex. I'm sure it is not there, not for me anyway.
Here is the screenshot:

Alex wrote
Ok, seems clear. Thanks!
Posted 4 months ago

It is difficult to understand all of that.

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