Extreme lag. Please fix it!

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Hi Team!

Lately e-mails from cgtrader comes with extreme delays, sometimes up to 12 hours. Delayed e-mails about made sale, are irritating, but missing e-mails from 3D projects are really unacepptable. Many of my clients are from US, we are operating on completely different time zones and that means that often we have only couple of hours per day, when we're able communicate. It's a shame because of cgtrader's bugs that window is getting even smaller. Please fix this issue, before we will be forced to look for other platform for our colaboration.

Thank you.


Posted over 1 year ago

And as always, as soon as i wrote this post, e-mails started arriwing in time :] Lets hope it was only temporary glitch.

Posted over 1 year ago

Unfortunatelly, the issue is not fixed, e-mails arrive at random - sometimes in time, sometimes with big delay. Please address this ASAP. It is really getting in the way of productive communication with the clients.

Posted about 1 year ago


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