Download my own models (For free ofcourse)

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As you might suggest from the title I need to download my own models from CGTrader. I need it becouse sometimes people ask for support when I use my another PC than that where I store my models and I cant simply download my own models from CGTrader so it takes longer to perform.

What I do is just making model free for some minutes... Wait some soconds before for downloading... and here we go!

Then we have to go and set the price back.

Not the most comfortable workflow of a simple operation.

I tried and searched for other simple ways to download but did not find them. I wish they should be :)




Posted 5 months ago

why would you download your own files ? i am also new. i want to know how things work here

zombieplayroom wrote
Lost files. In an idea would you would have backed them up, First copy, on site First copy on site First copy on site (people breaks in and steal stuff or fire) Second copy, offsite, local bank, storage unit (massive flood for an area( Third copy, offsite out of region or cloud) You might need to fix something on the model Or you want to reuse part of the model Or you want try to sell the model on another platform

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